Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-Gen2 NanoBeam AC Outdoor 5GHz (NEW)

Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-Gen2 NanoBeam AC Outdoor 5GHz (NEW)

GBP 70.00

General Info

Price GBP 70.00

Location Clitheroe, United Kingdom

Condition new


Providing high throughout and innovative form factor for versatile deployment.
Supports up to 450+ Mbps throughput - triple the throughput of standard airMAX.
Intelligent QoS to allow priority assignment to voice/video for seamless streaming.
UMobile app provides instant accessibility to the airOS configuration interface.
Integrates separate WiFi radio for fast and easy setup using mobile device.
Diagnostic tools including RF diagnostics and airView spectrum analyser.
Quick installation with no fasteners are required for pole-mounting.
Next-generation airMAX ac technology designed to boost advantages of TDMA protocol.
Versatile mounting to allow for placement in almost any position needed for line of sight.

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